Interim (Oil Service) : £169.99


Interim (Oil Service) from £169.99


The Interim (Oil Service) offered by our company provides a comprehensive 50-point check for your vehicle, along with the replacement of the engine oil and oil filter. In addition, we will also inspect and refill other crucial engine fluids such as brake fluid, engine coolant, and screen washer fluids, as necessary.

Our MK12 50-point inspection covers a range of checks, including but not limited to, assessing the condition of your tyres, suspension, and braking components through a visual inspection.

We highly recommend that you schedule Interim (Oil Service) every 6 months, in between your annual full (major) services. This regular servicing ensures that your vehicle operates smoothly, enabling efficient maintenance and helping to maintain its value over time. By the way if you need any MOT test service you may take it from MK12 Autocare Ltd

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